Kurosan prioritizes the taste of our cuisine and its visual appeal to create meals that delight all of the senses. We use many different cooking methods, both ancient and modern, to bring out the best in every ingredient that goes into our food. A visit to Kurosan, Richmond’s most popular Japanese restaurant, will transport you to Japan’s Meiji period, a time renowned for its romance and luxury. 


A visit to Kurosan, Richmond’s leading Japanese restaurant, introduces you to the art of creative, one of a kind cuisine. We make it our priority to retain the flavours found in the traditional Japanese pork chop and utilize only the highest quality meat in its preparation. Our Japanese pork chops contain less fat and are characterized by their rich texture and uniform appearance, making them both visually appealing and delicious. We strive to unite the beauty of food with the romance inspired by the Meiji period in Japan that melds the best elements of the east with the west to provide the ultimate in luxury dining.  

Kurosan makes use of seasonal ingredients to ensure each dish is at the peak of its flavour profile. Each aspect of the cooking process receives careful attention to detail to ensure the perfect meal. Kurosan offers our Richmond customers the rare opportunity to enjoy perfectly crafted, authentic Japanese cuisine.